New Releases – Pastil / Incremona / Pickpockets

In our April edition of New Releases, we are featuring three independent, local artists/bands, that have blown us away with their new singles. At Pool Valley Music, we pride ourselves in supporting independent and local artists, so it’s a pleasure to feature Pastil, Incremona and Pickpockets!


Pastil // Renzo – blurry days Released on April 9th, 2021 “Brighton-based artist and producer Pastil has teamed up with songwriter Renzo to bring us their single ‘blurry days’ earlier in April. The dreamy tune is perfect for the summer, especially now when it starts warming up outside, and was Pastil’s first release outside of SoundCloud, after he had released his debut EP ‘beige’ in 2019. Pastil has a defined sound of slinking bass lines and smooth melodies and vocals, that shape ‘blurry days’ to be a soothing bedroom-pop song. About his collaboration with Renzo, he said, “I had a great time working with Renzo. Our styles are so similar that it was a no-brainer to get in the studio to collaborate; It was satisfying hearing our sounds gelling together so smoothly.” Pastil and Renzo have confirmed a second release as part of their collaboration, and we can’t wait to hear ‘Smoke Break’, their second single, on May 7th!"

Incremona x hope it – Dark Canyon Released on April 16th, 2021 “Dark Canyon might just be the little ‘pick-me-up’ that everyone needs in these dark times. A collaboration between London-based singer-songwriter Incremona and Amsterdam-based hope it, the lo-fi single brings out Incremona’s soft and dreamy vocals, induced with vocal loops and smooth bass synths. The song fuses together elements of energy and sadness in a complex, inner battle while also portraying the glimpse of light in the dark in a musical way. It follows her release of ‘London Looks Like L.A.’ in 2020, and it’s a definitive must-listen for anyone enjoying lo-fi and sad-pop music."

Pickpockets – Back to Earth Released on April 23rd, 2021 “The alt-rock band based in Brighton should be on your radar if you live in the South East. ‘Back to Earth’ is the release following Pickpocket’s debut EP ‘Don’t Trust Anyone’ in June 2020, claiming their piece in Brighton’s music scene with their raw and gritty guitar riffs and simply heavy and energised sound. Their most relentless and visceral yet, frontman Laurie McMahon said that the song is about the struggle of not being able to move on as you’re unwillingly pulled back into the past. This especially refers to otherworldly barriers that are out of your control. The band has been on the radar of several news outlets, in the UK and US, so get a listen in before Pickpockets conquer not only the UK but the world with their powerful and infectious sound."


We love to hear new music so if you have a track that we should know about, send it over! We will be featuring up-and-coming artists in this blog as much as possible so if that is you, send a Soundcloud link and press release to - we look forward to hearing some new tunes.

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