New Releases - Marsela / Paris in May / ARXX

We are highlighting three releases of the past weeks, that we have absolutely been obsessed with! Featuring London-based RnB singer-songwriter Marsela, Pool Valley’s own Paris in May and Brighton-based duo ARXX.


Marsela – Dark Days Released on February 26th, 2021 Based in London, Marsela is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, who has previously released her second single, following her debut single ‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’ in 2020. The independent artist writes about the troubles in life that can get you on your knees but also showing empowerment and finding hope to get back up. The RnB-track with soft piano beats and subtle bass, combined with the singer’s soulful vocals, captures and depicts her emotions beautifully. A song about pain and healing, Marsela describes ‘Dark Days’ in her own words, “Even if the tide is working against you and you find yourself in a shipwreck of your troubles, you can and should pick yourself up every single time. Every day is a new day!”

Paris in May – Wanna Feel Released on March 12th, 2021 ‘Wanna Feel’ was Paris in May’s first release of 2021 and his first being signed with Pool Valley Music. The French singer-songwriter Guillaume Salle, now based in Brighton, is inspired by music icons, such as Pink Floyd, Queen and the Foo Fighters but depicts soft indie-vibes with his personal musical project. His sound recalls to artists such as popular singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco. Following Salle’s debut single ‘Maniac Dreamer’ last year, he has now released ‘Wanna Feel’, a feel-good pop tune with a sense of false calmness and a natural and sincere sound. With subtle beats and bass lines accompanied by an acoustic guitar and Salle’s soft vocals, it’s a perfect song for the spring and summer feeling now that the sun comes out! His musical production is inspired by mellow spring days in the streets of France’s capital Paris. ‘Wanna Feel’ is a playful song with an ethereal feel to it, each time sending the listener into a new dream of their own.

ARXX – Deep Released on March 19th, 2021 The alt-rock duo definitely aren’t newcomers to Brighton’s music scene, having released music together since 2018, with their debut EP ‘Daughters of Daughters’. With ‘Deep’, Hanni and Clara are once again releasing an absolute banger, that will stay in your head. Keeping the catchy pop vibes of their previous single ‘Call Me Crazy’, the new release is rock-driven with punchy drums, energetic riffs and glistening synths. It’s a sing-along and dance-along tune ready for festivals or just to rock out in your bedroom and ARXX have once again proven that they will not fit into the one-genre box. Having just hit one million streams on their single ‘Iron Lung’, the duo is on the right path to leave their mark in the UK’s music scene.


We love to hear new music so if you have a track that we should know about, send it over! We will be featuring up-and-coming artists in this blog as much as possible so if that is you, send a Soundcloud link and press release to - we look forward to hearing some new tunes.

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