New Releases - Jan/Feb 2021

In the past weeks, the first musical releases of 2021 have been unveiled – singles, EPs and albums. Today’s post is all about three unique artists and bands that have brought out new music, ranging from instrumental piano music to early-2000s inspired indie pop.

We will feature KID 2’s new single ‘August Morning’, Pale Wave’s album ‘Who Am I?’ and the new album ‘All the Unknown’ by the international duo Grandbrothers. Enjoy!


KID 2 – August Morning Released on January 29, 2021

The Norwegian singer, now based in Brighton, has just released her second single after her debut single ‘Leave Me Out’ was released in early 2020. Anna Stabell, aka KID 2, is hugely influenced by Jeff Buckley, fellow Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA and her favourite band Radiohead. ‘August Morning’ is part of an upcoming EP, which should definitely on your radar if you love soft and calming indie vibes. Dominated by quiet guitar sounds, the song conveys a certain type of feel, almost hauntingly beautiful at times.

Pale Waves – Who Am I? Released February 12, 2021

Pale Waves have been on the radar since the release of their debut album ‘My Mind Makes Noise’ in 2018, ranking 8th on the UK album charts and supported pop artist Halsey on her tour in 2020. The English indie rock/indie pop band, signed to the independent label Dirty Hit, has now come forward with their second album. ‘Who Am I?’ is described as a coming-of-age record and is mainly inspired by early-2000s artists, such as Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morisette. While the release got some critiques for sounding just like another Avril Lavigne album, it is currently racing to be the number one album in this week’s album charts and the three million streams on their lead single ‘Change’ demonstrate that the fans love it. Anybody that misses the early pop punk era and is a fan of The 1975 and Avril Lavigne should give this album a try, it might just be your new obsession.

Grandbrothers – All the Unknown Released January 15, 2021

This German-Swiss duo is definitely one to look out for and once again proving that with their third album ‘All the Unknown’. Not your typical band, Grandbrothers is formed of Swiss engineer, mechanic and software designer Lukas Vogel and German-Turkish pianist Erol Sarp. Their experimental sound is unique and refreshing – simply because it is made using only the piano and a software that Vogel designed himself. Controlling the piano - strings and even using the wood for sounds - with hammers through the software, Vogel can create sounds and patterns that a pianist could not produce otherwise. Stemming from an experimental project at university about manipulating piano sounds, Grandbrothers has since found their sound – a mixture between classical piano and modern electronica.


If you are intrigued by this list, give the artists and bands mentioned a listen and let us know what you think!

Are you an artist or part of a band that has a release scheduled soon? Send us an email at - we look forward to hearing from you!

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