Pool Valley // International Women's Day 2021

It’s the time of the year again to celebrate the achievements in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights. March 8th has officially been first commemorated by the United Nations as International Women’s Day in 1975 as part of the International Women’s Year.

For International Women’s Day in 2021, our staff have picked their favourite female artists in the music industry to celebrate – both British and international. We are specifically focussing on grassroots artists as part of Pool Valley Music’s mission to help and support emerging artists. Included on the list is Matilda Bond, who recently signed with us, so keep an eye out for her!

If you like the list, check out our International Women’s Day 2021 playlist at the end of the post and share your favourites with us.



Ama Lou – ‘Tried Up’ Picked by Amielia Adlington “Showcasing a perfect blend of R&B and soul, Ama's music is the perfect background for any setting. I wanted to make sure this incredible London lady was added to our playlist because not only is her voice breath-taking but she has been perfecting her craft since the age of 11! Showing that perseverance and a drive for what you love can allow you to flourish and more importantly display to other young women out there that they can do the same. Ama has gained more recognition through every release but I still think she deserves more, go check her out asap!”

Matilda Bond – ‘Midnight’ Picked by Fanny Farkas “Matilda is a Brighton-based neo-soul singer from Sweden, currently breaking trough the ceilings with her remarkable voice and goofy personality. Her journey just started, but her latest releases already reached thousands of peoples on the streaming platforms. Definitely worth to keep an eye on her!”

The Anahit – ‘Lonely’

Picked by Fanny Farkas

“With its powerful and feminine message in their lyrics and vocal performances, the Hungarian up-and-coming band, which already conquered The Lexington in London last year, has already gained some international recognition. The haunting voice of Rita (lead singer) in "Lonely" was heard on various international radio playlists in France, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, and Germany and they are preparing to reach out to more ears in the future."

Hope Tala – ‘All My Girls Like To Fight’ Picked by Ingvild Nordal Rekstad “Hope Tala is my choice for women's day. 'All My Girls Like To Fight' is from her recent EP 'Girl Eats Sun,' a vibrant EP with stunning melodies and poetic lyrics. In 'All My Girls Like To Fight,' the mix of the Latin-inspired guitar chords and the romantic strings creates a beautiful sound, leaving the listener craving more.”

pins.ku – ‘Auringonpimennys’ Picked by Jasmin Daehmlow “pins.ku is a Finnish singer that I recently discovered. The title of her song ‘Auringonpimennys’ translates to solar eclipse and features themes of escapism, accompanied by a soft and almost ethereal melody. I guess the Finnish language is strange to someone who’s never heard it before but it just adds to the vibe of the song. Finnish musicians are rarely represented in the charts and yet they hold such pride in their native language. I spent a year of my life living in Finland and still have a fascination for the people, the language and the country’s dedication to music.”

Loleatta Holloway – ‘Love Sensation’ Picked by Vincent Mongay “Originally from Chicago, Loleatta Holloway has one of the most beautiful and dramatic vocal signature. She released six studio albums but truly became a worldwide superstar with her hit record 'Love Sensation'. The song itself has been sampled numerous times over the years by artists such as Moby, Samantha Fox, Florida, or even Fisher. To me, the original edit is a timeless record with such strong energy!”

Brodka – ‘Game Change’ Picked by Angelika Juszczyńska “Brodka is an alt-pop artist considered as a phenomenon in her home country - Poland. As a teenager, she debuted in a talent show and throughout the years she has transformed from a commercial chart-breaker to a modern alt-pop sensation. Not so present in the popular media anymore, Brodka created an underground online fandom in the whole of Eastern Europe presenting an extremely high quality of productions, new sounds and carefully curated campaigns. After a few years of hiatus, she is back with a single ‘Game Change’, promoting her upcoming album ‘Brut’, which is a tribute to a brutalist architecture of the post-soviet landscape. It’s already gained the attention of international media outlets like Clash Magazine and BBC Radio 6, which is a very exciting perspective for the whole Eastern European music industry. Coming from Poland, it makes me super proud to see my girls rocking it in the international music market!”

Ahsoka – ‘Creature Of The Deep’ Picked by Erin Percy “Ahsoka are a 3 piece female-fronted band, and ex-BIMM students, bringing the heavy to this playlist. They’re definitely one to watch, offering a unique twist on conventional rock, with powerful vocals and great energy. ‘Our favourite experiences as a band are when we are performing together and sharing our energy and passion with people of any gender who love the music we love.’

Seinabo Sey – ‘Shores’ Picked by Isabelle Elers “Gambian born, Swedish singer, Seinabo Sey has emerged with a gracefulness ever since she released her debut single ’Younger’, which was picked up and remixed by fellow Scandinavian, Kygo, this went on to top the Norwegian charts and served several weeks atop the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs. Following years she became hugely influential in various categories, and her songwriting has displayed greater examples of empowerment, exhibiting female independence and equality in the face of male counterparts.”

Tessa Violet – ‘Games’ Picked by Angelika Waszut “Tessa Violet if one of the most lovely and genuine people in the music industry and being her fan feels more like being her friend. You might know her by her most popular song ‘Crush’, but if I was to recommend just one song off her album ‘Bad Ideas’ it would most certainly be ‘Games’. I dare anyone to try listening & watching the music video without the urge to dance along with her. The whole album's vibe is immaculate, go on and see for yourself, I guarantee you won't regret it!”


Don't forget to check out the playlist below, featuring all the songs mentioned!

If you have any favourite female artists, that you think should belong on this list, message us on social media and we can add your song suggestions!

And if you are an artist and have some songs for us to listen to, contact us via We'd love to hear from you!

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