The Caramel sound can be characterised by its raw energy. The band offers a mix of spontaneous, exciting improvisations and intricately designed songs, written by the lead singer, Jamie Broughton. Peter Goldbach’s thunderously compelling rhythms, and James Virtue’s confident, striding bass lines, fuse to create a tight, refined backdrop; a canvas for the wild, explorative, weaving guitar musings of Olly Parkes.


All this conspires beneath the ethereal plains, occupied by Jamie's vocals, which at any minute can transform from delicate falsetto tones to impassioned roars. Caramel's sound is fluorescent, and multi-dimensional, bringing together influences like Jeff Buckley, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and Blur. Psychedelic, Nostalgic, Primal, Alternative Rock.

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